What the school says ...

This is the email I have sent to my daughter's school, specifically to the Principal known here as the Headmaster.

Note that I have eliminated specific names at this time.


As you may be aware, my daughter is severely disabled and is a student in the wonderful special needs classroom.

I am writing to you in regards to the state NCLB testing, in particular the tenth grade testing scheduled for the next school year. I respectively insist that my daughter not be subjected to the complete waste of time, energy and resources that the testing requires of her and her teacher in addition to any added anxiety or emotional turmoil that it may create for my daughter of which we may never be aware.

My daughter repeatedly and daily demonstrates her complete inability to show any conception or abilities she may have of Math, English, Science, Social Studies or any other academic subject. She has continually proven that she cannot communicate a simple yes or no, a simple choice of two options, with any discernable reliability or understanding let alone any type of knowledge of counting or even the existence of a number system. Whatever understanding and comprehension she may have, and yes, she may have a substantial amount, cannot be tested or assessed by any method known to today's educator, medical or scientific community, or the community of advocates of the disabled.

As an extremely highly respected pedagogue has written (in part):
"Freedom at [Our] High includes the right to define one’s self, be one’s self, and feel safe within that definition, free from disrespect and harassment. Freedom at [Our] High includes the right to express one’s voice in our democratic decision-making and policy-making structures." - [Your words]
I am helping my daughter express her voice in this matter, with the complete and total support of her mother.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

The headmaster responded a week later after I sent an email asking if he had any information from my email. Here is his response. For privacy, I removed my daughter's name. 

i was going to call you on monday...the state doe wants every child -- no matter their disability -- to take the test. i disagree with that expectation for a child like xxxxxx. that is the decision, however. what do you want to do now?